woman jumping off via ferrata course flight line

Ready to Try a Via Ferrata? Here’s What to Know

As we approach Fall, exciting opportunities for outdoor adventure only continue, with a Via Ferrata course at the top of our list. Scramble the cliffside, […]

Why a Via Ferrata Course Offers More than Just Thrills

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Man climbs over a boulder using iron rungs from a via ferrata course in Buena Vista with other mountains in the background and blue skies

A Beginner’s Guide to Via Ferrata in Colorado

Moving to Colorado gave me many new experiences. I pretty much grew up and spent almost 30 years at sea level in Florida, island hopping […]

A woman in an orange helmet traversing across a rock face with a Colorado view in the background

Where you can do Via Ferrata in Colorado

Via Ferrata has been substantially gaining popularity throughout the last couple of years. With more and more people opting for outside adventure there is no […]

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10 Post Zipline Activities and Eats in Idaho Springs Colorado

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Buena Vista Via Ferrata

Colorado Via Ferrata|Here’s How You Elevate Your Next Zipline Trip

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Buena Vista Via Ferrata

Why Via Ferrata is the Safest Way to Push Yourself in Colorado

Written by Mairi McAtamney Colorado is known for it’s diverse and exciting environment where there are oh-so-many options for what you can do while you […]

AVA Via Ferrata

The Importance of Adventure: My first-hand account of Colorado’s Via Ferrata

By: Faith Partain What is an adventure? The answer to that question is completely subjective in my opinion, but for me going on an adventure […]

Fact vs Fiction: The Truth About Colorado Via Ferrata

We hear many things about what a via feratta is as well as many untrue things about it. Since this course is so new there […]

5 Things You’ll See When Adventuring Through the Arkansas River Valley and Buena Vista, Colorado

The Arkansas River Valley is surrounded by majestic peaks, some of which stand over 14,000 feet tall giving amazing vista views for miles. Running through […]