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“I had such an amazing time on AVA’s New Via Ferrata! I did not really know what to expect because I have never been on a Via Ferrata Tour before but I absolutely loved it!! If you are looking for a fun and adventurous activity that is physically and mentally challenging, then I highly suggest exploring this new Via Ferrata Tour with AVA Rafting & Zip Line! You will have so much fun!”

  • Kelly T.


“This trip is a really good time. It’s kind of like a sampler of various activities. The cliff side portion is the right mix of fun, challenging, and a little scary. There are some challenging bridge crossings, a rappelling portion (when is the average traveler ever going to rappel?), and it finishes with a few zip lines. Our trip was a family of four including our 13 and 16 year old sons. Our guides, Travis, Kenny, and Corey, kept us safe and entertained. Highly recommend over just a zip line tour.”

  • Daniel C.


“I went with a group of eight and we started with the via ferrata and in the evening went white river rafting. Both of these were very enjoyable and I’d recommend them!

The via ferrata course was very new when we went. Our instructors Emily and Sunshine did a great job of having a good time with the group and keeping us safe. We did a series of activities, climbing on the sides of cliffs, walking across bridges, jumping off a ledge with a bungee type apparatus attached to us, and ending the course with three zip lines. I think this was more fun than just going zip lining because you got to do a lot more things.

If you want to do the course I’d recommend having some physical strength and not being afraid of heights. I’d also wear leggings or pants, I wore shorts and got a couple of cuts/scratches from the rocks.

I’ve gone white river rafting on this river before but with a different group. AVA rafting was really great and gave us a coupon for a free beef to a place nearby. Our guide, Chuck, knew exactly what he was doing and did a great job of steering us. We watched the group in front of us flip, but they didn’t seem to have as much experience with paddling as our group. A difference between AVA and the group I went with last time would be the number of boats on the trip. There were two boats on my last ride, but with AVA there were about five boats. This didn’t bother me, but at times we’d wait for all of the boats on the side of the river, which slows you down.

If you choose to go rafting, I’d recommend having some physical strength, a sense of adventure, and being okay with getting wet. They provide a wetsuit and a splash jacket, but nothing for feet. Your shoes will get soaked.”

  • Emily P.