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10 Post Zipline Activities and Eats in Idaho Springs Colorado

A guide looking down a zipline with a snowy mountain in the background

Now that you have finished the Zipline in Idaho Springs, Colorado it is time to kick back and relax. Idaho Springs may be a small town but do not let its size deceive you. There are plenty of places to eat, take tours, shop, and hike.

Take a tour of the Argo Mill and Tunnel

            Touring the Argo Mill and Tunnel is the most popular activity in Idaho Springs! The guides are outgoing and make the tour fun. The guide will brief you on the history of the Argo Mill during the gold-rush while you make your way through the Mill. When you have finished walking through the Mill you will walk into the tunnel with a fabulous hard hat on. I will not give away what is at the end of the tunnel, you will just have to look and see! I will tell you that at the end of your tour, your guide will show you how they used to sift for gold. Will you go home rich after your vacation? Take the tour and find out.

Try Beau Jo’s famous Colorado Style Pizza

            Beau Jo’s has been making 5-star pizza for over 40 years and Idaho Springs was their first location! They have a wide range of styles of pizza with more gluten-free and dairy-free options than you would typically find anywhere else. Beau Jo’s makes their dough fresh every day and is naturally sweetened with honey! Additionally, when you order pizza from Beau Jo’s you will receive a side of honey to drizzle over your choice of crust, or the entire pizza, no one will judge you for it. These pizzas are ordered by the pound and you have a generous selection of toppings, sauces, and cheeses to choose from. Find peace of mind at Beau Jo’s knowing they do their best to be environmentally friendly, they have a car charging station and free Wi-Fi!

A thick crust pizza with cheese, onions and peppers on it

Healing your sore limbs in the mineral water at the Indian Hot Springs

            The Indian Hot Springs is the best choice if you are feeling a bit sore from your adventures. During the week feel free to just walk-in and purchase a pool pass for 1 hour. If you and your group are weekend party people, then make sure to make a reservation here. They also have caves that are more adult-friendly and are first come first served. If you would prefer something more private, then I recommend the private baths and jacuzzi. The private baths and jacuzzi book up fast so pre-book as soon as possible! For the ultimate experience get a massage by reserving your spots here or call 303-989-6666.

Take a stroll down Clear Creek river at Courtney-Ryley-Cooper Park

After a day of zipping over the tree line it may be best to sit amongst the trees next to the Clear Creek River at Courtney-Ryley-Cooper Park. This park is right in the heart of Idaho Springs which means you are a short walking distance from downtown when you are ready to chow down. Another option would be to picnic at the park! Nearby there is Safeway, a grocery store, where you can pick up everything you need for a beautiful picnic next to the river. There is a playground for kids that is extremely well-kept, as well as a pavilion. There are no reservations for the pavilion so if you see that area open snag it for yourself! In the summer enjoy the Farmers Market held every Friday.

Infuse the spirit of the west at Westbound and Down

            Everyone likes a nice cold beer after zip lining across the mountains. Try Westbound and Down “English Barleywine, which is famously known and named after a rescue down in the Head Brewery’s family. The English Barleywine was aged in Port-finished rye barrels and finished in Breckenridge Bourbon Barrels on whiskey-soaked peaches. Another popular drink is the Westbound Double IPA that smells heavily of tangerine, blueberries, and papaya.” Westbound and Down has more than your typical brewery food, and an assortment of travel merchandise you can show off to your friends at home.


The front door of Westbound & Down Brewing Company

Slide across the Frozen Fire Ice Rink at Digger Field

            The Frozen Fire Ice Rink is a wonderful place to try out ice skating for the first time or your 10th time. The sun shines in Colorado 300 days out of the year so this will be a perfect spring activity that will keep you warm even though you are gliding across ice. This is a new activity in Idaho Springs so stay tuned by clicking here to keep an eye on when the vendors and food trucks will be showing up around the rink! The “glice” is synthetic and eco-friendly so you can skate at any time – regardless of the temperature. Sharpen your skates and get out there!

Go skiing or tubing down Echo Mountain Ski Resort

            Cannot get enough action in your day? Go skiing or tubing down Echo Mountain in Idaho Springs. Make sure you purchase your lift tickets online prior to your trip before they sell out, as tickets go quickly! Booking online is a great way to save money on your vacation – walking in could cost you almost double what you would have paid online! Reservations are required for tubing as well so book online. This mountain is great for all skill levels. Echo mountain does not offer ski lessons; however, they do have a coach on site that will help you if you need it. When you are done shredding the gnar, take it easy at the restaurant and bar, Brothers’ Grille. Soon there will be a Pizza Truck and 2 Mile Pie!


Wooden Echo sign in snow with trees in the background

Chow down at TommyKnocker Brewery

TommyKnockers has been around for more than 25 years! They consider themselves a “green” brewery which Colorado is known for. They go green by paying for a “comprehensive recycling problem and utilize renewable energy.” You may be wondering, what exactly is a TommyKnocker? In the 1860’s the Cornish miners brought their own elves with them called TommyKnockers, which lived in the mines. They caused mischief for the miners by putting out their lights, stealing their lunches and tools. In order to gain the TommyKnockers’ favor, the miners would leave food behind for them. If they were lucky, one would appear and reward the miner by leading them to a vein of gold. There is a whisper of a story that a miner claimed a TommyKnocker warned him that danger was coming! How spooky; ask the bartender about it!


Gold Rush Clear Creek Rafting Adventure

Ziplining pairs wonderfully with White Water Rafting in Idaho Springs with AVA. Now that you have seen an aerial view of Idaho Springs and Clear Creek it is time to see what it looks like on the water. This family trip starts in May when the water levels have finally risen enough to rock your boat! This short afternoon trip consists of 11 rapids and is suitable for all ability levels. It is a Class 3 and the minimum age is only 6 years old! Imagine how adorable your kid will look in our free wetsuits and splash jackets. The 1/3rd day trip is a perfect option to pair with the Cliffside Zipline Tour. If that is the zipline tour you’re considering – call (970) 423-7031 to turn your single adventure into a package!

A family laughing with paddling on a river

Check out the Charlie Tayler Waterwheel

Park near downtown and take a walk with your family to the Charlie Tayler Waterwheel in Idaho Springs. The trail starts next to Harold A. Anderson Park and goes through I-70 underpass, cross the bridge, and just down the way a bit. You can get as close as 60 ft from the waterfall to take stunning photos of the waterwheel and the Bridal Veil Falls right behind it. Who is Charlie? Charlie is a local legend who was inspired to build an even bigger and better water wheel after seeing one for the first time in Clear Creek County with his father in the early 1880s. Later, he moved and contacted a local carpenter, Bert H. Wright, to help make his dream come true. After the magnificent water wheel was completed, Charlie Tayler died in 1939, after providing years of excellent personal care advice. Charlie believed that his good health was due to never kissing women, bathing, or shaving. Maybe I will jot that down, maybe I won’t.

I am positive that when you are wiped out from racing crows across the mountain tops you will have plenty of activities to take advantage of with your family.

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