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Rock Climbing in Colorado

Challenge yourself with one of the best adventures in Colorado – Rock Climbing. Buena Vista is a rafting town in Colorado located in the shadows of the Collegiate Peaks in the Arkansas River Valley. The valley is covered in solid rock throughout, especially at the developed crags. Some areas feature developed cliffs, including Bob’s Rock, Pump station, Holy Water, Turtle Rock, and Rainbow Rock. With the exception of Davis Face, all of these crags top out at a mere 50-100 ft. Davis Face, a large, west-facing cliff stands proudly at about 400-500 ft. If bouldering is your thing, there is some amazing bouldering to be found on the west aspect of Rainbow Rock. Most of the routes are bolted face routes, although some fantastic traditional routes do exist. one would be wise to carry some traditional gear to supplement. Top ropes may be found on Bob’s and rainbow rock as well. Anytime you are climbing in the Rockies, make safety your #1 priority and watch the sky!

Rock Climbing Packages

Rock Climbing in the Rocky Mountains is definitely at the top of almost all climbers bucket list. As the range itself is so vast and rugged, it offers thousands of miles of routes for both bouldering, top rope, free solo, and lead climbing enthusiast alike. If you’re ready to test your abilities with rock climbing, join us in the Arkansas River Valley in Buena Vista for a 1/2 day rock climbing adventure. The granite rock of the valley provides amazing climbing conditions with spectacular views. Whether you’re a novice or experienced climber, the rock climbing packages with AVA are perfect for you and your group.

Rock climbing trips with AVA can be packaged with rafting for a full day under the Colorado sky. If you would like to extend your stay, check out our Rafting + Rock Climbing + Cabin or Camping packages, and join us for an evening at our Buena Vista outpost. Our guided rock climbing trips have a weight limit of 250 lbs.