Written by: Adrian Grimes

Did you know, there are more gravity intense adventures than just zip lining? For an example, there’s a high cable course called a Via Ferrata. Just think of a ropes course, but a lot higher up. Via Ferratas can include anything from swinging bridges, crazy traverses, rope repels, and maybe a free fall device! Anyone can do it and it’s a really good deal for anyone looking to upgrade their Zip Lining experience.  

AVA’s Epic Colorado Ferrata Courses

AVA actually has 2 separate courses with very unique styles (all on our own properties). Both offer some; awesome traverses, rope repels for each, and some pretty interesting equipment.

In our Idaho Springs location, we also have a zipping surfboard and a 60-foot free fall device. Another plus of this course, is how close it is to Denver. As well, being able to zip straight back to the outpost makes this a lot easier.

In our Buena Vista outpost, we have the true adventure experience. You are about a 20-minute drive away from the nearest town and has very little cell phone reception. This area provides a great escape from the real world and allows you to enjoy the experience fully.

AVA Granite Via Ferrata – Buena Vista, Colorado

Who Can Participate in a Via Ferrata?

Surprisingly, mostly anyone can go on a Via Ferrata; especially if you are looking for a little more excitement. Another ideal candidate, could be someone interested into the realm of rock climbing. Going through a Via Ferrata can get you accustomed to high vantage points and provide you with experience handling some of the gear. Keep in mind when booking one as Via Ferratas typically have height, weight, or age restrictions.

Via Ferrata Colorado

Guided vs Unguided Trips

There are a couple different Via Ferrata types; guided and unguided. There are differences between Via Ferratas across Colorado; such as in Telluride, Idaho Springs, Buena Vista and Colorado Springs. The one in Telluride can be guided or unguided; but being unguided can carry some risks. Choosing a unguided trip can require carrying some equipment and the knowledge of the safety protocols. At AVA, you don’t have to worry about this; all we have are guided tours. We will show you how the gear works and send you up with very experienced guides.

AVA Guide Adrian Grimes
AVA Aerial Adventure Guide (and author of this blog), Adrian Grimes

Cutting Edge Gear to Keep you Safe

Overall, this is a great option to enhance your adventure! Not only is this a very exciting trip but it’s very safe. At AVA, we pride ourselves in having some of the best gear around. Generally, you would wear; a full body harness, your zipping gear, a helmet, a pair of gloves, and your Ferrata gear known as the Edelrid Smart Belay Lobster Claws. These Lobster Claws are great and what makes them wonderful is their safety feature. There’s a pulley in the middle locking one claw in place. While one claw is open, the second can’t open. In the end, it can be very fun and very safe! 

Image courtesy of Katie Schneider

To recap, this is a wonderful idea for your family. If you don’t have the know-how or the gear to do this; maybe going through a guided tour is your option. There are 4 different Via Ferratas across Colorado that you can do; even with the inexperienced climber. A Via Ferrata can consist of crazy traverses, a repel, or even some crazy bridges. All in all; you just have to pack a bag, come on out and send it!!!