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Granite Via Ferrata

Buena Vista Via Ferrata Tour


Climb the Arkansas River Valley

For those looking for the ultimate thrill, or to combine their Rafting trip with a cliffside adventure, our Granite Via Ferrata located at our Buena Vista outpost provides a unique climbing experience rewarded with incredible views of the Arkansas River, Mosquito Range and the Sawatch Range. Built at the base of the 14,000+ foot remarkable Collegiate Peaks, this exhilarating venture is an even more intense and thrilling version of ziplining.

Traverse a combination of ladders, rungs, bridges, and carved steps that run alongside the cliffside, as you climb high into the mountain. A two-carabiner locking system will ensure your safety, as you remain connected to the course at all times. Due to the equipment used, a Via Ferrata adventure is more accessible than traditional climbing, as it does not require as much technique. In 2023, we additionally updated our Granite Via Ferrata course to include an exciting new feature: the thrilling Flame Line! This flight line offers a one-of-a-kind, heart pounding adventure as you spring from the cliff face into a 50 foot freefall with remarkable views of Buena Vista scenery the entire way

Highlights include:

  • The Flame line: a 78 foot thrilling free fall!
  • Stomach dropping hanging bridges
  • Exciting rappel
  • Traverses across iron rungs and bars
  • Stunning views the entire way
  • man on Via Ferrata with arms out
    woman climbing iron rungs on Via Ferrata course

    Buena Vista's Best ADVENTURE


    Experience the thrill of descending a rock face, climbing cliffs, and traversing numerous hanging bridges on the Granite Via Ferrata adventure. Set against the majestic backdrop of the 14,000+ foot Collegiate Peaks, this 3-hour journey will allow you to experience some of the best views of the Colorado Rockies and the Arkansas River Valley from a unique vantage point. On this trip, you even get to try out several lines of our zipline course, as well as our newest feature, the Flame line. This exhilarating flight line launches you from the cliffside into a 50-foot freefall, offering a heart-pounding adventure with breathtaking views of Buena Vista's landscape throughout the entire experience!


    For all our Via Ferrata outings, wearing closed-toe, secure shoes are a must! We suggest dressing in comfortable attire suitable for climbing and hiking. Avoid loose garments, very short shorts, and jeans while on the course, and ensure long hair is securely tied back. Adventures proceed even in the face of rain, only halting due to high winds or lightning. Therefore, bringing along a raincoat is advisable, given the swiftly changing weather conditions in Colorado's mountains. A small backpack for carrying water or additional layers is also welcome.


    We will equip you with a harness, secure clip lanyards, gloves, and a helmet. Our AVA guides are expertly trained in the use of all safety equipment, and we only utilize gear that has undergone regular inspections and tests. Safety cables span the full course, incorporating an internal locking system that keeps you attached to the cliff face. You will be secured to the cables using a carabiner lock system designed to only unlock one carabiner at a time, ensuring you are never entirely detached from the safety cable on the mountain slope.

    Discover the Arkansas Valley

    From your vantage point on the cliff face, you will experience the Arkansas River Valley from an entirely new angle! This stunning landscape unfolds as a natural canvas painted with verdant forests, undulating hills, and the Arkansas River carving its path through the valley. The 14000 foot Collegiate Peaks of the Sawatch Range provide a striking backdrop for a multitude of outdoor pursuits, ranging from thrilling whitewater rafting to peaceful hikes, offering a perfect blend of adventure and serenity that's quintessentially Colorado.

    Buena Vista, Colorado

    woman jumping from flight line feature on Granite Via Ferrata
    Man rappelling down Via Ferrata course


    DATES and Times

    Beginning March 31st, 2023, our Granite Via Ferrata trips run weekends (Friday through Sunday) and daily beginning May 12th, 2023 until Labor Day.

    We offer trips at 8:30am, 11:30am, and 2:30pm


    The journey can last up to 3.5 hours, so ensure that you have the physical endurance for an adventure of this duration. Our Via Ferrata excursions require participants to be at least 12 years old, weigh a minimum of 75lbs, and not exceed a weight of 250lbs. The Via Ferrata stands as one of the most demanding yet gratifying experiences available in Colorado, and while prior climbing experience is not necessary, the ability to ascend rungs and ladders is required in many sections. Read all Via Ferrata FAQs here.