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5 Things You’ll See When Adventuring Through the Arkansas River Valley and Buena Vista, Colorado

The Arkansas River Valley is surrounded by majestic peaks, some of which stand over 14,000 feet tall giving amazing vista views for miles. Running through the center of the valley is the famous Arkansas River. The river’s headwaters are located in Leadville and gain size and strength until the end of the river about 1,400 miles downstream where it eventually spills into the Mississippi River. The Arkansas River Valley surrounding Buena Vista is filled with incredible outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking, rock climbing, and everything an outdoor enthusiast dreams of.   Here are 5 things you’ll see when adventuring through the Buena Vista and the Arkansas River Valley.

1. The Collegiate Peaks

Named after the famous universities, this range includes Mt. Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Oxford, and more. Some of these are among the tallest peaks of the Rockies and 9 of the 19 peaks stand at over 14,000 feet in elevation. All these peaks have trails to the top that offer a day of great hiking and amazing views.

2. The Arkansas River

The Arkansas River is the 6thlongest river in the United States at 1,469 miles long and is the 45th longest in the river. The Arkansas River Valley is where the river starts and offers would class rafting and kayaking. The river runs through Browns Canyon, which is known to be one of the most beautiful stretches of river rafted in the world. River enthusiasts from all over the world come to ride down this notorious stretch of whitewater.

Colorado Whitewater Rafting

3. Wildlife

The Arkansas River Valley is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Deer, coyotes, and fox are often seen when exploring the area. Some people get lucky while out on trails and spot a bear. And on a very rare occasions, one may see a mountain lion.

4. Buena Vista

This small mountain town is the heart of the Arkansas River Valley. Here you will find a culture and economy that is based off the Arkansas River. Every year Buena Vista host festivals, including the Rapids & Grass Festival that brings in rafters and bluegrass lovers from all over!

5. Outdoor enthusiasts

This region has so much to offer for anyone who loves the outdoors and many activities for people just visiting that want to get a unique view of the area.  One of the best activities you can venture out on in the Arkansas River Valley is AVA’s Granite Via Ferrata.  Explore the cliffside and mountaintops nestled at the base of the Collegiate Peaks on this challenging course.

Colorado Via Ferrata

Call AVA Rafting & Zipline today for one last adventure in the Arkansas River Valley before the snow starts!

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