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Fact vs Fiction: The Truth About Colorado Via Ferrata

We hear many things about what a via feratta is as well as many untrue things about it. Since this course is so new there are still a lot that many don’t know about via feratta tours. I am going to go over some of the most common questions about via ferattas!

1) Q: Is it true that the via feratta is more dangerous than rock climbing?

A: This is absolutely not true! The gear that is used when traversing on a via feratta course is very high quality and it is smart. We use locking carabiners, one has to be locked in order to unlock the other. This helps to prevent human error, you are always connected to the cable. Also with rock climbing there is much more room for human error. Did you tie the knot correctly? Did you secure the carabiner? Is your belayer paying close attention? Rock climbing is by far more dangerous than the via feratta course in most cases!

2) Q: I want to try a via feratta course but I don’t want to have to buy all of the gear and go by myself, what can I do?

A: There are many via feratta courses all over the world! Fortunately they are becoming more and more popular every day, with popularity comes diversity. You now don’t have to buy a bunch of gear and go out on a scary adventure by yourself. You can book a via feratta tour with many places including AVA! If you book a guided tour we supply all of the gear that you will need and we walk you through how to traverse and are on the cliffside with you the entire time of the tour, we also throw in a bonus repel!

3) Q: My son is turning 15 and really wants to try your via feratta course, does he need to be at least 16 years old?

A: He does not need to be 16 years old, with AVA we do require that children are over 12 years old. However if you go on a public via feratta that is not guided there is no age restriction but please keep in mind most guided tours have a minimum age requirement for a reason!

4) Q: Do I need special rock climbing shoes?

A: No way! Via feratta is easier than rock climbing and does not require such an intense grip on course. If you would like to have uncomfortable feet then go ahead and wear your climbing shoes but they are not at all required! Most people just wear normal closed toed shoes and have zero issues.

5) Q: What is the best weather to go on a via feratta tour?

A: You definitely want to go on a nice sunny day that isn’t too hot. If it is a hot day, you can overheat very easily and you will need a lot more water to stay hydrated which can be very heavy to carry on a harness! You also want to avoid rainy days because this can make the traverse very slippery. Most places that do via feratta tours actually close the course when it rains because of how dangerous it can become.

6) Q: How long does a trip take?

A: Every via feratta course is different so that is hard to say! Most of AVA’s courses are around 3-4 hours long from start to finish. However there are many courses that can take a whole day! Some that can take even longer.

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