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The Holiday Gift Guide for Climbers

two woman climbing across mountaintop

The holiday season is upon us, and if you have a friend or family member who’s a traditional climber or a Via Ferrata enthusiast, you’re in luck! Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned mountaineer or a budding boulderer, finding the perfect gift to complement their climbing lifestyle can be both thoughtful and exciting. 

two men bouldering by alpine lake

 In this Climber’s Gift Guide, we’ll explore a curated selection of gear and accessories that will not only enhance their climbing experience but also make them feel truly appreciated. Let’s dive into the world of climbing gifts that are sure to elevate their Rocky Mountain rock climbing adventure, or wherever their next adventure takes them.

Climbing Gear Essentials 

Every climber needs reliable gear to ensure a safe and enjoyable ascent. Consider gifting them high-quality essentials such as a durable climbing harness, carabiners, and quickdraws. Brands like Black Diamond, Petzl, and Mammut offer top-notch gear known for both safety and comfort. Look for a harness with adjustable leg loops and a comfortable fit to make their climbing experience enjoyable.

Read more about Via Ferrata specific gear. 

man checking carabiners and gear on climbing harness

Climbing Shoes 

A climber’s connection to the rock begins with their shoes. Upgrade their climbing footwear with a pair of specialized climbing shoes designed for precision and grip. Brands like La Sportiva, Scarpa, and Five Ten offer a variety of styles to suit different climbing disciplines. Ensure you know their shoe size and climbing preferences before making a selection, as well as learn how to choose the correct climbing shoes for you or someone else. 

man tying climbing shoes while sitting on rock

Chalk and Chalk Bags 

Maintaining a solid grip is crucial in climbing. Help your climber stay confident on the rock with high-quality chalk and a stylish chalk bag. Brands like FrictionLabs and Metolius offer premium chalk blends that provide excellent friction without over-drying the skin. Choose a chalk bag with a secure closure and convenient attachment points for easy access during climbs. 

Climbing Apparel 

Climbers need apparel that allows for a full range of motion while providing protection from the elements. Consider gifting them a moisture-wicking, quick-drying climbing shirt, durable climbing pants, and a weather-resistant jacket. Brands like Patagonia, The North Face, or REI offer a range of climbing-specific apparel designed to meet the demands of the vertical world, as well as more affordable options. 

man walking with climbing gear

Training Tools 

For climbers looking to improve their strength and technique, training tools can be a game-changer. Hangboards, finger trainers, and grip strengtheners help build essential climbing muscles and improve finger strength. Brands like Metolius and Beastmaker offer a variety of training tools suitable for climbers of all levels. 

Climbing Guidebooks 

Inspire your climber’s next adventure with a guidebook featuring detailed information on popular climbing routes and areas. Whether they prefer bouldering, top-rope climbing, or trad climbing, guidebooks provide valuable insights into the best routes, difficulty levels, and local climbing culture. Research popular climbing destinations and choose a guidebook that aligns with their interests. 

Portable Camping Gear 

For climbers who love spending nights under the stars, portable camping gear is a thoughtful gift. Consider lightweight and compact essentials such as a durable tent, a cozy sleeping bag, and a compact stove. Brands like MSR, Big Agnes, and Therm-a-Rest offer high-quality camping gear designed for the adventurous climber. Check out some of our favorite camping spots near Buena Vista, Colorado, also one of Colorado’s best climbing locations.  

man staring off into distance with pack and camping gear

GoPro or Action Camera 

Capture every breathtaking moment of their climbing journey with a GoPro or action camera. These compact cameras are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures and can be mounted on helmets or other gear for hands-free filming. Ensure you choose a model with good image stabilization and durability to withstand the challenges of climbing terrain. 

Via Ferrata Adventure Voucher 

For the ultimate gift, consider presenting them with a Via Ferrata adventure voucher. This allows climbers to experience a unique assisted climbing experience, and one they may not have had the chance to try before. Before embarking on this adventure, it’s important to understand the differences between rock climbing and a Via Ferrata course.  

Participants on Via Ferrata course

A guided experience also offers the opportunity to learn new skills with an experienced guide. AVA’s Granite Via Ferrata course in Buena Vista, Colorado and Mount Blue Sky Via Ferrata course in Idaho Springs both offer an opportunity to explore Colorado’s inspiring cliffsides.  

A Climbing Gym Membership or Passes 

Looking for a gift for a beginner climber or someone looking to gain more experience? Consider a climbing gym membership for a bouldering gym, top-rope gym, or one that has both. This will allow them to learn more about climbing and technique, practice in inclement weather, and connect with a community of climbers. In Colorado, we like Movement and The Spot; however, in most areas, there are plenty of climbing gyms to choose from.  Day passes are also a great option for climbers looking to explore a new gym or test out a membership option.

woman bouldering in climbing gym

Choosing the perfect gift for the climber in your life involves thoughtful consideration of their preferences and needs. From essential gear to personalized touches, this Climber’s Gift Guide considers gifts at a range of price points for climbers of all levels and disciplines. Whether they’re tackling towering peaks, scaling challenging boulders, or perfecting their technique in the gym, these gifts are sure to get them excited about their next climbing adventure. 

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