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Spring Outdoor Adventures In Colorado To Book Early

things to do in colorado in the spring

Snow has just begun to sprinkle and more layers of clothing are needed to stay warm, but spring is sneaking up on us quicker than the great Colorado Mustang run. Spring adventure planning before the holidays may seem like a backward concept. It’s an easy mistake to make. Postponing ironing out the details because you know that others will not be making arrangements this early…. right? Well, you will only make that mistake once. NOW is the time to plan for 2023 Spring adventures across Colorado! If you dilly dally you might end up…. barely making it work, instead of the top-notch VIP experience you were dreaming of. Worst case scenario the tour you’re looking for THIS spring will not be available until NEXT fall. Here are a few Spring outdoor adventures to book early this season so you don’t miss out! 

Hanging Lake 

Hanging lake is a one-of-a-kind treasure that most people just passing through Colorado do not get the pleasure of experiencing. This extraordinary travertine formation is a 1.2-mile hike that is rocky, steep, and rewarding! At the top you will find a blue-green lake that is crystal clear, you will become entranced as you watch the trout traverse like magic in the water. There was a geological fault that caused part of the lakebed to drop from the valley floor above creating Bridal Veil Falls. Over the years there have been heavy deposits of dissolved carbonates that have built up on the lake’s edge giving it a unique mystical appearance. You will find this hike located amid Glenwood Canyon in the White River National Forrest. I wouldn’t suggest taking kids, adults that are not agile, or animals that are not trained. In under a mile this scenic trail gains over 1000 feet in elevation but there are a ton of places to stop along the way. In 2018 there was a permit management plan put into place, meaning only so many people a day are allowed to enter the area. You can go online to purchase tickets for $12 bucks a head. You don’t want to miss out on a special experience that will warm your soul and make you smile. 

Hanging Lake Trail Permits & Reservations – Official Page ( 

Older male ziplining with mountains in the background


 ZIP-A-DE-DO-DA… ZIPITY-YAY! Sometimes after winter starts to disperse and spring’s special crisp freshness sets in you crave some adventure and adrenaline. Why not zipline in the Rocky Mountains? AVA located in the city of Idaho Springs (about 45 minutes from Denver) has the best zip-lining experience in the state! It is built right into the topography of Mt. Blue Sky (formerly Mt. Evans). Instead of meandering from flat platform to flat platform like many zip courses in the state you soar and fly your way through the treetops and over Clear Creek. It’s one of the safest and most fun activities you could choose, great for the whole family as you don’t need to invest much physical exertion. You will find yourself riding in the back of a truck and taking on a short tour through Idaho Springs, learning about the rich history of this old mining town along the way. As you climb your first platform and gaze into the forest your heart will awaken. There is nothing like the sensation of gravity pulling you at unmatched speeds. This course is so special and unique in the country because you can see the continental divide upon your descent. This experience is great for families, work groups, birthdays, and just about everything! There is nothing like a shared adrenaline experience to bring people together.  

PS: If flying isn’t your thing, this company offers unmatched rafting tours as well! 

Colorado White Water Adventures with AVA | AVA Rafting & Zipline ( 

Ice Climbing 

Ice climbing is a great way to get out in nature, test one’s boundaries and try a new adventure. At Ouray Ice Park you have endless opportunities to do so. Ice climbing can seem somewhat of an oddity when you think of outdoor spring fun. Some people need a break from the skis, or maybe you are into rock climbing, or like me, you want to see the tightest grouping of frozen waterfalls in the U.S., this is a great outdoor fix regardless. You can climb or just walk-through Ice-covered rock formations, ascend icefalls and frozen waterfalls cliffs, and other water features. This place has something for everyone! Though they don’t have their own private guide service, there are tons of guide companies that have permits to operate in the park. If you have been before and want to go solo, you can do that too. The ice park is almost two miles long and free to use, it is a pretty plush experience as far as climbing gyms go. At the entrance, they serve hot chocolate, and you are just minutes from downtown restaurants and bars. 

Guide Services & Gear Rental — Ouray Ice Park 

Planning the perfect outdoor adventure for spring requires time and thought beforehand if you want everything to go smoothly. Last-minute bookings are hard to snag for just about anything in Colorado from Feb-Nov. Just a soft reminder book tours NOW and start looking for your next bit of fun. Just think of all the time you will spend anticipating! This buildup will only elevate your memories and help pass the winter. 


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