Thrilling & Very Active

Granite, Colorado Via Ferrata

For those looking for the ultimate thrill, our Granite Via Ferrata located at our Buena Vista outpost provides a unique climbing experience rewarded with incredible views of the Arkansas River, Mosquito Range, and the Sawatch Range. Built at the base of the 14,000+ foot remarkable Collegiate Peaks, this exhilarating venture is an even more intense and thrilling version of rock climbing.


The Highlights Of Your Trip

Traverse a combination of ladders, rungs, bridges, and carved steps that run alongside the cliffside, as you climb high into the mountain. A two-carabiner locking system will ensure your safety, as you remain connected to the course at all times.

In 2023, we additionally updated our Granite Via Ferrata course to include an exciting new feature: the thrilling Flame Line! This flight line offers a one-of-a-kind, heart-pounding adventure as you spring from the cliff face into a 78-foot freefall with remarkable views of Buena Vista scenery the entire way.

Minimum age: 12, minimum weight: 75 lbs., maximum weight: 250 lbs.

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On Your Via Ferrata Adventure

Mountainside Excitement

A Via Ferrata adventure may truly be the most exciting way to experience Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. You’ll take two ziplines to the starting point of this climb, then traverse high above the Arkansas River Valley along the granite cliffside. This assisted climbing experience involves using iron rungs, bars, and other features built into the cliffside to maneuver along and across.

The journey can last up to 3.5 hours, so ensure that you have the physical endurance for an adventure of this duration.

While prior climbing experience is not necessary, the ability to ascend rungs and ladders is required in many sections. Read all Via Ferrata FAQs here.

Person on a Via Ferrata course in Colorado.

Stunning Scenery

From your vantage point on the cliff face, you will experience the Arkansas River Valley from an entirely new angle! This stunning landscape unfolds as a natural canvas painted with verdant forests, undulating hills, and the Arkansas River carving its path through the valley.

Our Via Ferrata adventure kicks off high and keeps climbing! As you ascend the rock face, jaw-dropping vistas unfold before you.

The 14000 foot Collegiate Peaks of the Sawatch Range provide a striking backdrop for a multitude of outdoor pursuits, ranging from thrilling whitewater rafting to peaceful hikes, offering a perfect blend of adventure and serenity that’s quintessentially Colorado.


Man getting safety instructions before ziplining.

Included Gear & Packing List

All of your gear will be provided for your Via Ferrata excursion. This includes:

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Gloves


  • Closed toed shoes that will stay securely on your feet
  • Longer shorts or pants that will fit with your harness
  • Please avoid scarves or dangly jewelry

Adventures proceed even in the face of rain, only halting due to high winds or lightning. Therefore, bringing along a raincoat is advisable, given the swiftly changing weather conditions in Colorado’s mountains. A small backpack for carrying water or additional layers is also welcome.

Tent on a lake shore at dusk.

Continue the Adventure

Immerse yourself in the heart of Colorado adventure in Buena Vista! This picturesque town nestled in the Arkansas River Valley offers endless possibilities for an unforgettable escape.

Stretch Your Stay: Cozy cabins and scenic campsites provide the perfect basecamp for your multi-day adventure.

Explore the Wild Side: Hike or bike through stunning landscapes, cast a line on a fly-fishing trip, or conquer the trails on a horseback riding adventure.

Discover Buena Vista’s Charm: Stroll downtown and indulge in the area’s diverse restaurants and breweries (pro tip: your AVA guide is your insider for hidden gems!).

Soak it All In: Unwind at the nearby Cottonwood or Mount Princeton Hot Springs after a day of epic adventures.

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