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Via Ferratas have been around for centuries, but more recently have been sought after as the ultimate high alpine adventure! This assisted climbing course originated in Europe in the Austrian Alps and Italian Dolomites, but today can be found worldwide with a multitude of exciting opportunities to experience this thrilling high alpine adventure.

Visitors can find numerous Via Ferratas throughout the Austrian and Swiss Alps and the Dolomite Mountains, many of which date back to World War I, as troops utilized these features to gain vantage points in the alpine cliffsides. In the southern hemisphere, Peru’s Sacred Valley Via Ferrata offers a near 1,000ft metal rung climb that isn’t for the faint of heart, and adventurers can either rappel down or choose the high speed zipline for an exciting end to the adventure!

The highest Via Ferrata can be found in Kenya, with the course reaching heights of 16,355ft on the second highest mountain in Africa. Mount Kenya Via Ferrata traverses across this extinct volcano, representing a portion of the route to one of the mountain’s summits. North American adventurers still have the opportunity to traverse a Via Ferrata in The Rocky Mountains! AVA proudly offers two guided Via Ferrata courses, and Colorado also boasts several other opportunities to try out this unique climbing experience.

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Alps view
Woman looking out between mountains-Dolomites

Dolomites, Italy

Austrian Alps, Austria

Renowned for mountaineering and skiing opportunities, the Dolomites in northeastern Italy hold almost 200 Via Ferrata courses. This extensive Via Ferrata network offers exciting climbing opportunities alongside glimpses into the area’s rich history. Many of Italy’s Via Ferratas date to World War I and were used by troops to gain vantage points in the steep and treacherous Alps. Today, they can often be found alongside former trenches or tunnels, offering glimpses into the area’s historical significance. Restored by the Italian Alpine Club, the Italian Via Ferratas offer beginner through advanced routes amidst the breathtaking limestone peaks and dramatic landscapes.
The first Via Ferrata dates back to Friedrich Simony’s design on the Austrian Dachstein in 1843, which today can still climbed to summit the Dachstein and reach the Seethalerhütte, the highest “hut” or refuge in the Upper Austrian Alps. The Kitzbüheler Horn, Dachstein, and Wilder Kaiser regions offer exhilarating climbs, with stunning alpine vistas as the backdrop, with the Via Ferrata allowing those not as skilled in technical climbing skills to ascend to these alpine areas and experience stunning views. The Austrian Alps additionally boast many opportunities for ice climbing in the winter months.

Red houses in Norway
Misty mountains in China

Hornelen mountain, Norway

Shaanxi Province, China

Hornelen mountain in Norway opened its Hornelen Via Ferrata course in June of 2023, representing the end of a nine year project. 2,820 feet tall and located on the Nordfjord island of Bremangerlandet, the mountain is the tallest sea cliff in Europe and offers outstanding views of the ocean and the area’s glaciers, mountains, and fjord villages. History of the mountain dates to Norwegian mythology, with lore claiming the area as a former witches’ haven. Today, the mountain offers three different exciting Via Ferrata routes for adventurers to choose from!
Heralded as the world’s most difficult Via Ferrata, the Chang Kong Via Ferrata on Hua Shan Mountain near the city of Huayin is not a climb for the faint of heart. This Via Ferrata dates to the 13th Century and consists of wooden planks over iron pegs. Those who attempt the route must finish it, as the narrow walkway can only accommodate one way traffic. Mount Hua Shan includes five peaks and is considered a historically sacred route. Originally constructed by monks attempting to reach the mountain, the area also includes several Taoist temples.

Ollantaytambo, Peru
Man hanging off BV Via Ferrata

Ollantaytambo, Peru

Colorado, USA

The Sacred Valley Via Ferrata, situated in Ollantaytambo, Peru, is heralded as one of the world’s most stunning Via Ferrata routes. With guided climbing and zipline adventures, this experience is suitable for those without climbing experience. Vistas of the Sacred Valley and the majestic Urubamba River will guide your 400 meter climb, along with vibrant flowers that add color to your adventure. For the descent, visitors can choose to zipline or rappel. Soar through the mountain air as you zip along seven interconnected cables, flying back to your starting point to finish this epic adventure.
Colorado is home to several thrilling Via Ferrata courses, including both guided and unguided experiences. The Telluride Via Ferrata is an unguided adventure, taking you into the cliffside of Ajax Peak, yielding stunning views of the San Juan Mountains, Bridal Veil Falls, and Ingram Falls. AVA’s Mount Evans and Granite Via Ferrata, located in Idaho Springs and Buena Vista, respectively, combine an exciting Via Ferrata adventure with several additional zip lines! The Buena Vista course takes you high above the Arkansas River Valley with views of the Collegiate Peaks Mountain Range and offers an exciting 50 foot free fall to complete your adventure! AVA’s Idaho Springs’ Via Ferrata, just 30 minutes from Denver, provides views of historic Idaho Springs and the Chicago Creek as you climb into the Rocky Mountain cliffside.

Elephants walking
man hiking in the Pyrenees

Mount Kenya, Kenya, Africa

France and the Pyrenees

Experience the world’s highest Via Ferrata at Mount Kenya! This course soars 16,355 feet above sea level on the second highest mountain in Africa. Explorers can choose from several different routes to summit Mount Kenya, a designated World Heritage site, with the Via Ferrata section of the mountain covering the trek up to Point Lenana, one of three peaks included within the famed landmark. The mountain is an extinct volcano, boasting deep gorges, awe-inspiring ridges, sharp peaks, and glaciers. Located on the equator, the sun sets at exactly 5:30 am and 5:30 pm each day, and climbers have the opportunity to spot endangered wildlife, such as elephants, rhinos, and leopards.
The La Via des Evettes Via Ferrata located in Chamonix, France is a beginner route, offering stunning views of Mont Blonc in a more beginner friendly course. The Mer de Glace Via Ferrata , also conveniently located in Chamonix, takes you up and across France’s largest glacier. The journey begins just a short walk from the town center after stepping off the train, offering awe-inspiring views of the French Alps throughout the ascent. Areas of the Pyrenees Mountain Range, between France and Spain, additionally offer thrilling opportunities to try out a Via Ferrata amidst stunning scenery.


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