What To Bring

Whether you’re on a quick day trip from Denver or the 7-day vacation of your dreams to Colorado, you don’t need any added stress. We want to make your adventure with AVA easy and FUN! We understand that when you are on vacation you already have enough to worry about so we try to provide all of your adventure needs to lighten the load in the car or on the plane.  No  matter the trip you go on we make sure that you will not have any hidden fees and if there is an item that you forget we will have it in our gift shop.


Rafting the Arkansas River.

1-Day Rafting Trips


  • Wetsuits and splash jackets
  • Helmets (required on Class III, IV and V trips)
  • Life jackets and paddles
  • A fantastically good time

(**Please note that on a few of the trips we book with partner rafting companies, wetsuits and splash jackets must be rented.)


  • Shoes that will stay securely on your feet. Old tennis shoes, water shoes and sandals with a heel strap are great. (No crocs or flip-flops please)


  • Wear fleece and/or quick-dry clothing (no cotton for the river)
  • Towels to dry off after rafting
  • Cash to tip your raft or zipline guide and/or to purchase retail gear, snacks or memorabilia at our retail shop
  • Waterproof Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

*Quick dry clothing, fleece, footwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, and towels can be purchased at our Granite, Idaho Springs and Kremmling outposts (subject to availability). Water shoes can be purchased for Blue River trips prior to the date of your trip through the call center: 970-423-7031

Rafting Clear Creek.

Overnight Rafting Trips


  • Tent
  • 4-inch thick sleeping pad
  • Camp chairs
  • Kitchen and everything needed for meals
  • Toilet
  • Waterproof bag to pack your belongings in


  • Shoes for on the river (must stay securely on your feet, no flip-flops or clogs)
  • Sleeping bag (this can also be rented, but please be sure to reserve one before the day of your trip)
  • ​Change of clothes or two for camp, including warm layers and dry shoes


  • Plenty of layers to choose from. Synthetic, quick-drying layers are required on the river and are best for at camp too in case of rain. Cotton does often work ok at camp though.
  • Towels to dry off with after rafting
  • Rain Jacket
  • Personal toiletries, bug repellent
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Things to play with, such as a frisbee
  • Extra beverages and alcohol are ok to bring with you (we will pack it for you on our gear boat), no glass allowed, consumption of alcohol not allowed before or on the river

Our goal is to provide you extra value on your trip by including as many of the things you need. We’ll never nickel and dime you at the counter upon your arrival in order for you to have things that are required of you or that keep you warm and safe. 


Woman ziplining in the Colorado mountains.

Zipline Tours



All of your safety equipment including:

  • Harnesses
  • Gloves
  • Helmets


  • Closed-toe shoes with a good sole that stay securely on your feet (no flip-flops or crocs please)
  • Pants or shorts that are at least knee-length


  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

If you don’t have a waterproof camera there is no need to fret! On your rafting and zipline trips, professional photographers will take pictures that you may purchase at the end of your trip at the gift shop or online when you return home. If you  don’t want to lose those nice new sunglasses in the river we will have some sunglass straps at our outposts! We also carry snacks, sunscreen, water shoes, disposable waterproof cameras, and lots of other fun items at our retail stores. So if you do forget the things you need, AVA has you covered!

Woman rock climbing during Colorado adventure.

Rock Climbing Trips


  • Harness
  • Rock Climbing Shoes
  • Helmet


  • Good shoes for the hike in
  • Comfy, athletic style pants
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Backpack

Frequently Asked Questions

The quick answer is you don’t need much. You can bring water and sunscreen and any medication you might need. Your guides will handle everything else, and you will be so busy having fun you won’t need anything else. We only recommend bringing your sunglasses if you have a way to keep them secure to your head.

You will not have much time (if any) to use your cell phone or camera during your trip. Typically, there are photographers along the river that will be taking photos that you can check out and purchase as your trip. If your guide has an extra dry bag and says it is okay, then you may be able to bring your cell phone or camera.

We provide wet suits, splash jackets, helmets, PFD (personal flotation device), however we do not provide shoes. You can purchase water shoes at our outpost or bring old tennis shoes to wear.

Life Jackets (which we call PFD – personal flotation device) are provided and must be worn throughout the duration of your adventure. We ask that you wear our PFD even if you own one because we have a very high standard in the equipment that we ask our guests to wear.