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Countdown to AVA’s Idaho Springs Outpost Opening – We have less than two months until 2019 Spring Aerial Adventures!

Count with me now…

Not 5, 4 ,3, but 2 months until our adventures begin. Starting at the beginning of March, we begin our second full season of exhilarating via ferrata!

Even though I know what via ferrata is, just remind me!

Via Ferrata Colorado

The definition of a via ferrata course is a mountain route equipped with fixed ladders, cables, and bridges in order to be accessible to climbers and walkers. What makes our course more original than other courses is that after you have traversed across our cliffside you then go down a repel and complete a ropes course bridge! After that you will end the tour with our last three thrilling zip lines. If that isn’t enough of an adrenaline rush for you we also have a free fall device on course.

Where is the via ferrata course?

We have a via ferrata course in Idaho Springs, a historic mining town, just 30 minutes from downtown Denver, located on Mount Evans. Idaho Springs is due west of Denver and you can take i-70 straight there. We also offer a via ferrata course at our Buena Vista Outpost, located 2 hours southwest of Denver.

Can anyone do via ferrata?

Before you can step onto our zip truck we do have a few requirement.

  • You must be at least twelve years old to partake on our course.
  • We have a weight limit of 250 pounds for our via ferrata
  • We have a weight minimum of 40 pounds as well.
  • We do not recommend this course to anyone with severe health issues.
  • More questions? We have them covered here.

Our via ferrata course is a great introduction to rock climbing or an exciting way to spend the day with your family during your Colorado Vacation!

Via Ferrata Colorado

Who will be on the course with me?

You will have at least two guides with you that will sandwich the group (one in front of the group, one behind the group). Our guides are extensively trained on this course and will help you every step of the way! Not only are our guides focused on your safety while up on the cliffside, they are also always checking in on your nerves and excitement levels! If for any reason you just are not feeling our via ferrata course, our guides can call up our truck to pick you up and take you back down to the ground. However you must decide on that before you complete our repel! Once you go down the repel we have no way down but our thrilling ziplines. One of our lines you can zip down next to a friend on the other line!

Mark your calendars!

In less than two months on March 2nd, we open our Idaho Springs location that offers ziplining and the via ferrata course on the weekends. Come April, we are open Wednesday through Thursday!

What else can I do in Idaho Springs?

If you would like to wait until it warms up and the snow has melted you can raft with us too!

Make it an adventure packed weekend with your family and participate in all of the fun activities that we have to offer. If you are interested in rafting our Idaho Springs location, plan on starting around the beginning of May. It all depends on our snowmelt, but we typically open rafting in Idaho Springs in May.

If you are interested in booking any of these activities please give AVA a call a 1-800-370-0581 or you can chat with us online. With only 2 month until our opening weekend, make your reservation to guarantee your fun!

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