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Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Via Ferrata Adventure

Via Ferrata Colorado

By: Alison Stevens

Who is ready to try Via Ferrata!?

Most people hear Via Ferrata and have no idea what it is. Little do they know, it is the new type of mountaineering/ziplining that is becoming more and more popular in mountainous regions.

Via Ferrata in Colorado

The name for this new adventure is Latin for “Iron Way”. The course is mapped out by a series of metal rails and rungs. They were originally formed to move troops through the mountains in Europe during WWII. It is a great way for people who are not avid climbers to get a unique climbing and ziplining experience.

Age and Weight Requirements

In general, it is advisable that children are a minimum age of 7. There is also a weight minimum and maximum required, and this is much more important than the age requirement.

Minimum weight: 40 lbs.

Maximum weight: 250 lbs.

Via Ferrata Colorado

All participants must be ready to fully commit to the course. Once you start there is generally no escape half way up.

Unguided Tour

You are able to run these courses without a guide. However, that is only recommended if you are an experienced climber and are very familiar to what the course demands, and all the necessary equipment that you will need. If you are going to be conquering this course on your own make sure you have this list of supplies with you:

· Lanyard System

· Harness

· Gloves

· Helmet

· Rope

· Belay Device

· Guide Book

Guided Tours

We recommend guided via ferrata tour for those with little to no experience or those looking to take in incredible views without hauling up all of their own equipment.

Hiking Near Denver Colorado

If you are looking for some guided Via Ferrata tours here is a list of the top ones in Colorado!

Cave of The Winds Mountain Park (Manitou Springs)

Newest addition to the growing Colorado Via Ferrata Scene. First you Hike up to the routes start. The course is about 2 hours long. Includes an airy traverse, a vertical climb up an overhang, a balance beam crossing, and 2 full zip lines.

Mount Evans Via Ferrata (Idaho Springs)

Via Ferrata Colorado

Three hour guided tour includes dangling suspension bridges, several zip lines, 70 foot rappel, and a 50 foot free fall.

Granite Via Ferrata (Buena Vista)

Includes climbing, rappelling, and several suspension bridges.

Telluride Via Ferrata (Telluride)

Not a commercial operation though there are a couple private companies that can guide you through the course (Peak Guides & Mountain Trip). If you are planning on tackling this course without a guide you must be a very experienced climber. It is a serious all-day outing.

A Via Ferrata Adventure is for everyone! No matter your experience level you will have a great time on a guided tour.

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