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3 Reasons Via Ferrata Is The Safe Activity We Need This Summer

people on bridge Via Ferrata course

2020 has been a tough year to say the least. Adjusting to our new reality is not always easy, but at Colorado Via Ferrata we think it is necessary so we can continue to make outdoor adventure accessible to anyone who is looking for adventure.

We didn’t know what this summer would have in store, but it has turned out that getting outside is more important than ever, and it is one of our safer options opposed to bar hoping and hanging out in doors.

While health and safety is our number one concern, our number two concern is making sure everyone has the opportunity to get outside this summer.

Check out these 4 reasons (there are many more, but we didn’t want to bore you) on why you need a via ferrata adventure in you life this summer.

No. 1: Unplug from these trying times

The information around the pandemic has been constant and quite frankly exhausting. Whether you feel that way or not, we bet you can agree that spending a few hours unplugged from the news or just your phone in general would feel really good.

The great thing about via ferrata is that your mind is consumed with the fun cliff side adventure. You have to think about where you want to step next, you have to make sure you are always clipped in (don’t worry our cables won’t let you fully un-clip for safety, but it is up to you to continue to place your carabiners) and the best place for your next clip. It is like an adventure puzzle!

Everyone deserves a mental AND physical break… which brings us right to our next point.

N0. 2: Get your blood pumping

Yes you can always go on a job around your neighborhood and get a good work out in, but nothing compares to navigating a cliffside up to 80 feet in the air to really get your blood flowing.

While this is a great activity for families we recommended everyone on the trip is used to a little bit of physical activity and it is best suited for those 12 years old and older.

Via Ferrata Colorado

There are so many fun features that will put your balance and strength to the test, but seriously don’t worry this is a safe activity.

  • You are always locked into cables 100% of the time
  • Your guide helps you navigate the cliffside
  • Plenty of opportunities for breaks

This is perfect for anyone looking to push themselves with an awesome excursion, but not ready for the freedom or technicality of rock climbing or intense mountaineering. Whether it is your first time or 100th time, you are guaranteed a fun time.

No. 3: New health and safety procedures

We are not oblivious to the fact that there is a global pandemic going on and the importance of keeping our guests and staff extra safe right now. That is why we have changed our check in procedure, so you will experience a fully outdoor experience. We have made a lot of other changes as well such as much smaller group sizes and additional sanitation processes. To learn about all of our health and safety procedures please visit this page. 

We have also named just a few below for you:

  • Staff screenings daily
  • Online waivers only
  • Small groups
  • RTD transportation guidelines
  • Extra sanitation for all gear

We are so excited to be able to offer one of our favorite adventures this summer when we feel like it is truly needed. We have two location options available for our Via Ferrata adventures this summer

Granite Via Ferrata

Location: Just outside Buena Vista CO a little over 2 hours southwest from Denver

Features: 3 hour tour overlooking the beautiful Arkansas River Valley with a flightline excursion option available.

Mount Evans Via Ferrata

Location: Idaho Springs, CO just 30 minutes west from Denver

Features: 3 hour tour with views of 14 thousand foot mountains surrounding and a 50 foot quick jump option for those extra thrill-seekers.

Don’t let this summer pass you by without getting outside and checking out Colorado’s top adventure.

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