Opt outside for your summer vacation to Colorado this year.  You’ll save some money, get to thoroughly enjoy everything the beautiful state has to offer, and it’ll make your adventure that much more memorable.  Book some activities with AVA at our Buena Vista outpost, then jot down these places to set up camp for the night.

AVA Campground

If you don’t want to stray far from the outpost, we have a campground on site at our Buena Vista location. These campsites are suitable for up to four people and include a fire pit and charcoal grill. Communal bathrooms are kept clean on site, and we also offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner for extra charge if your day of adventure whipped you out.  If you’re flying into Colorado, AVA’s campsites can be an ideal option due to our camping gear rentals. Camping gear is bulky and often heavy, which means flying with it involves an expensive checked bag (and the hassle of dragging it all around). We rent out four-person tents, ground pads, and at a separate cost sleeping bags. Complimentary coffee is included with our campsites to get you up and at em for whichever adventure you may be partaking on that next morning.

Railroad Bridge Campground

Railroad Bridge Campground is an excellent choice for anybody interested in river activities. Located adjacent to the Railroad Bridge put in, it is ideal for fishermen and gold panners whom often must get up early in order to score their prize and avoid the nuisances of boaters. Camping along the riverside can be a great experience as well, as the sound of running water creates a calming and magical experience that lulls the hyper children to sleep once the sun sets.

Mt Princeton RV Park

This RV park is also a good option for those with mobile homes. Featuring the finest amenities and Wi-fi throughout the park, this option is highly sought after and should be booked in advance. Also located riverside, fishing is a very popular activity here. Enjoy epic views of the Collegiate Peaks and the calming flow of the river right by the comfort of your mobile home.

Collegiate Peaks Campground

Head to the Collegiate Peaks Campground if you’re on the hunt for something a bit more off the beaten path. Located by a stream, this campground does not accommodate RV’s or campers, and has relatively bare bones accommodations. However, it’s isolation and minimalism appeal to many.  Note: this campground is closed in 2018 for road renovation on Cottonwood Pass, but it should absolutely be kept in mind for future camping excursions.

Chalk Lake Campground

Situated in the Chalk Creek Canyon, this campground is south of Buena Vista offering single family campsites.  There are a plethora of 4×4 roads dispersing from the campsite as well as fantastic fishing above Cascade Falls.

Head to Buena Vista this summer for some great experiences in the Arkansas River Valley and along the Collegiate Peaks!  Call our adventure specialists today to get your activities lined up for the week and we’ll point you in the right direction for food, hiking trails, hot springs, and anything else you may want to know for time in Colorado.