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Great Rock Climbing Introduction: Guided Via Ferrata Tours – TANYA

Climbing in Colorado

By: Travis Duskin

Ever think about trying to start rock climbing? Don’t want to buy all the gear, classes, or expensive gym membership? Well I have the perfect experience and activity for you!

A guided via ferrata tour is one way to get the experience of rock climbing in a safe environment with professional guides to help you through the trip!

First: what is Via Ferrata?

Via Ferrata translates to “iron way” in Italian, it consists of metal bars attached straight into the cliffside that you traverse on, and you are attached to security cables on the cliffside!

Follow along here and ill teach you everything you need to know about guided via ferrata tours in Colorado!

Colorado Via Ferrata

Lets jump straight in shall we? Guided Via Ferrata tours are an amazing experience! It’s a great way to get into rock climbing or get a similar experience! At certain points you could be over 100 feet above the ground on a sheer cliff face, But don’t let that put you off if you’re scared of heights, I can tell you from a first hand experience how worth it, it is!

Safety First:

While you are up on the cliffside traversing and going between bridges and finally ending with two ziplines, you will be attached to cables that are anchored into the cliffside and platforms. So if you’re worried about the safety aspect, Have no Fear!

Its completely safe and there are professional guides with you the whole time. Not to mention the absolute gorgeous backdrop that is Colorado itself. You can even do starlight or full moon via ferrata’s in select locations!

These are some of the things you’ll want to bring for yourself or for personal clothing:

· Long Pants(they will protect your legs from scraping the rock)

· A good pair of shoes or hikers

· A good underlayer or tech shirt

· A rain jacket (Colorado weather likes to change a lot)

· Sunglasses

· Sunscreen and Lip balm

The Outpost will usually provide you with the technical gear you will need such as:

· Helmet

· Harness

· P.A.S.(Personal Anchor System)

· Gloves

· Headlamp (for night tours only)

That way you know all the gear is also good to go and has been tested and inspected!

It’s usually also a good idea to do a nice little weather check for the days you’re planning your trip also, due to Colorado weather something it can change in an instant! As long as that pesky lightning stays away though it usually just adds a little more excitement!

Intro to Rock Climbing:

To touch back on the subject of it being a nice intro into rock climbing also, It is basically a form of rock climbing as you will be “traversing” the cliff face. The main difference between it and rock climbing is that you are using mostly metal bars as hand holds and foot holds instead of just the rock itself.

Climbing in Colorado

All in all, going on a guided via ferrata tour in Colorado is a great option for any occasion! Especially if you have that itch to try out some rock climbing but don’t want to dive headfirst into the sport! Consider it like a trial or demo if you will, but either way, it is worth it!

When to go:

Via ferrata tours run for a good amount of the year in Colorado as well. No matter what suits you, the middle of summer in the beautiful Colorado sun, or a crisp fall day with all the beautiful trees changing colors, you can try via ferrata in Colorado.

Via Ferrata Colorado Guides

So Start looking around and see what location and time of year best suits what you’re looking for in Colorado and get out there and experience it!

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