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5 Reasons Why a Via Ferrata is the Next Big Adventure

Via Ferrata Colorado

A Via Ferrata kicks up ziplining a very large notch.  Though some of you may still not know exactly what a Via Ferrata is, it’s the next big adventure that you should conquer this year.

It’ll be challenging, but it also welcomes all types of adventurers.

We’d be lying if we said you didn’t have to be in shape to get out on a Via Ferrata course.  They’re going to challenge you, so having some sort of athletic ability prior to gearing up is going to be a huge benefit for you.  The good part of all this is that you’re always hooked into something, so you though you’ll be living life on the edge you will have a sense of safety knowing you aren’t hanging out cliffside without support.  AVA’s Via Ferratas welcome those 12 and over and under 250 pounds on course.

You don’t have to wear any climbing gear or shoes.

Those of you that climb on the regular know that being in climbing shoes all day can be a bit uncomfortable.  All you need for a Via Ferrata course is a harness, helmet, and a set of special carabiner leashes for clipping onto the cable safety system, which AVA provides to each guest.  Plus, you get to wear any hard-soled shoe you want, so the feet can be free and comfortable in your own shoes.

It’s a throwback into history.

Via Ferratas have risen in popularity because of the thrilling ventures they give people, but they used to be a tool used in the past for war and means of travel among mountains.  Via Ferrata stands for the Iron Road in Italian. They were used during WWI when the Italians and Austrians were in a stalemate in the Dolomites. Since not every soldier was able to climb these mountains, the “Iron Way” was created to get soldiers through the mountains with their gear.

You’ll catch incredible views without the difficult trek.

The views are absolutely gorgeous! Being able to access areas that are normally inaccessible to most people. Take Mount Huashan in China.  This death-defying Via Ferrata ends with a Taoist temple and a teahouse. Some even try this at night to catch a breathtaking sunrise. Another good example is Mount Kenya, which has the highest Via Ferrata in world at 16,355 feet. You can see the receding ice glaciers on what is now, an extinct volcano, while venture along it.

It’s the perfect way to conquer your fears and try something new.

A Via Ferrata is a great way to help you conquer your fear of heights. You’ll be traveling along with your friends or family and bond with each other as you face those fears. You’ll also have an experienced guide along with you to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Once you conquer one Via Ferrata, you’ll sure be itching to do more!

With all of these awesome reasons to try a Via Ferrata, there’s no excuse to not add it to your bucket list this year.  AVA Rafting & Zipline now offers a Via Ferrata at both our Idaho Springs Outpost and Buena Vista Outpost, so you won’t have to travel far in Colorado for this adventure.

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