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Why a Via Ferrata Should Be On Your Fall 2018 To-Do List

Via Ferrata Colorado

An adventure that is gaining popularity in recent years is the Via Ferrata. This adventure originated in Italy as a way for the Italians to move supplies across large mountain ranges undetected. Today, we are using this awesome concept to create a great adventure for people of all ages. If you have thought about climbing but don’t have the gear or experience, this is a great segway into the sport. In this article we will give you a few reasons that you should hop on a Via Ferrata this fall.

Adrenaline Factor

One reason that you will enjoy a Via Ferrata adventure is the adrenaline factor. Via Ferratas can range anywhere from fifty to thousands of feet in the air, and the whole time you will be hanging off of the side of a cliff. Scary! But super fun as well. If you are trying to get over your fear of heights, this is the way to start. Via Ferratas feature anything from cliffside traversing on ledges, to rope bridges spanning across canyons, and iron bars hanging off of sheer cliffs. Of course, will be hooked in to a cable system ready to catch you if you slip, but this is still a wild sport for any adrenaline junkie.

Great Way to Catch Colorado Views

If you happen to wait until fall for this awesome adventure, you will not only be able to get the adrenaline that this high-altitude sport will offer, but you will also be able to look out at the incredible fall views from a vantage point that not many others get to experience. If you happen to choose Colorado for your next Via Ferrata, you will be able to see the aspen trees changing colors, contrasting with the green pines, the gray Rocky mountain edges, and the touch of snow on the top peaks of the surrounding twelve to fourteen thousand-foot mountains. Even if you don’t expect yourself to enjoy the adrenaline of hanging off cliffsides, the views that this adventure has to offer may be enough for you to book a Via Ferrata as an adventure.

Great for Almost Every Season

The coolest part about Via Ferrata is that they are available in almost any season, unless you are trying to participate in the middle of winter (we can’t imagine this being that fun due to ice and chilly conditions). When looking for adventures, especially here in Colorado, they can be very much dependent on the season that you are here during. For the ski hills, there has to be an adequate amount of snow, and conditions need to be right for a good winter adventure. If you are looking to get on a whitewater rafting trip that is famous here in Colorado, the best time is during spring and early summer when the snow melt provides a good amount of water for the rafting trip to take place. The great part about participating in a Via Ferrata is that they bridge the gap between the spring rafting and the winter snow sports.

If you need your adrenaline fix and you are on the tail end of rafting, but just too early to ski or snowboard, a Via Ferrata can provide the perfect in between that will give you an adventure for that slow season!



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