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Try a Via Ferrata in Canada

Canada Via Ferratas

You’ve done rafting, you’ve tried ziplining, you like activities that give you an adrenaline rush, but you’re just not sure what’s next on the agenda. What is there to do? What else should you be challenging yourself with this summer? We have your answer: Via Ferrata.

What is a Via Ferrata?

If you’ve never heard of the Via Feratta and are wondering what in the world is a Via Ferratta, let us explain.  Via Feratta in Italian actually means “Iron way”, it also can mean “Iron road”. This was created in order for Climbers to easily get from point A to point B. Using Steel cables, iron rungs (for feet & hands), and other devices which allow you to safely scale different mountain sides. With proper harnessing and the help of carabiners and ropes, the one seemingly impossible was made very possible.

Originating in the Alps a couple centuries ago, Via Ferratas really started to come into the lime light during World War I to allow the soldiers of battle to travel amongst the mountain sides.

Via Feratta is a combination of activities such as ziplining , mountain climbling, suspended bridge crossing, and bungee jumping.  It’s a plethora of adventure all colliding on one course.  You’ll get the chance to live life on the edge while securely fastened by harness and carabiner.

Canadian Via Ferratas

If you think Canada is beautiful from it’s solid ground, imagine being suspended high up on a cliffside and gazing over the blue bodies of water and at the surrounding mountain vistas. We’ve talked a lot about Via Ferratas in America’s West… so let’s head north for a bit.

Mount Nimbus Via Ferrata

One of the best Via Ferattas in Canada is Mount Nimbus.  Soar among the ziplines on course over some incredible waterfalls.  Mount Nimbus is the longest and highest Via Ferratta in all of North America.  You’ll find yourself 100 meters above ground at points and crossing a 60 meter suspension bridge moments later.  The best part about this location?  No climbing experience is necessary. Passing through meadows, ridges and gendarmes, this trip is for any and everybody who has a passion for the outdoors!

Mt. Norquay Via Ferrata

We’re sure you’ve heard of Banff National Park.  Did you know there’s a Via Ferrata there?  It’s fairly new, so it may not be on your map yet.  However, it should be.  Situated on Mt. Norquay in Alberta, Canada is the next Via Ferrata you should embark on on your North American adventure. Only an hour west of Calgary, 60 km north of Vancouver, and 40 km south of Whistler, Mt. Norquay is actually a ski resort over the winter season. Once at the top of the Via Ferrata, stop by one of Mt. Norquay’s restraunts & enjoy watching spotting sheep along the way to the top.

Take a half day excursion with one of the Canadian Via Ferattas, or stick around Colorado and venture out on one of the two Via Ferratas AVA has in the state.  Explore the mountains and your options are endless.

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