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Best Time of Year to Go on a Via Ferrata Adventure in Colorado

Via Ferrata in Colorado
By: Lysianne Peacock

If the idea of traversing a cliffside using ladders, rungs, cables, rails, and bridges excites you, then a via ferrata tour may be the adventure for you. Meaning “The Iron Way” in Italian, a via ferrata is a great way to experience the rugged Colorado Rockies. The weather in Colorado is unpredictable, and has been known to show all four seasons in one day. While AVA Rafting and Zipline offers via ferrata trips March through November, choosing the best time of year will help ensure that you fully enjoy your via ferrata adventure.


When to Book Your Via Ferrata Trip

Buena Vista Via Ferrata

Winters in Colorado can be harsh and cold. Summers in Colorado are one of the busiest times of year because with warmer temperatures brings more people. Visitors are looking to get their adventures in before cold temperatures and snow dampen their plans. If you’re looking to get a trip in, look towards late spring and fall to avoid condensed crowds and the hot, high altitude Colorado summer sun. Choosing to go during a cooler, less condensed time of year can ensure you enjoy your adventure.

Late Spring

Colorado Via Ferrata

The snow has started to melt and the temperatures have started to warm up. Choosing to go on your via ferrata adventure in the late spring in May will bring sunny and 75 degree temperatures. Be aware, the first Colorado afternoon thunderstorms will start appearing, so try opting for a morning trip during this time of year.


Colorado Via Ferrata

As the summer fades into fall, the Aspen trees turn to gold turning the mountainsides into fire as you traverse a cliffside or zip through the trees. Trading the hot summers for cooler afternoons, fall is another one of the best times of year to take your via ferrata adventure. If you choose to go during the fall, our Mount Evans Via Ferrata is in a valley which is shaded. This means it tends to be cool and can sometimes be icy in the mornings, so opt for an afternoon trip to soak in the warmth of the sun.

Does a via ferrata sound like the perfect adventure? Book your fall via ferrata trip today.

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