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All About Colorado Via Ferratas

Colorado Via Ferrata

It’s getting to be that time of the year when we break out ropes and our climbing shoes to hit the mountains in the other way. Now you have done the traditional climbing many times before, lets’ try something new like the Via Ferrata. This is great for any level of climber as you can have little or no knowledge on how to get a boulder burn, and still get heights like the best climbers. Via Ferratas give you the freedom to try this out with the security of double locking carabiners. This mean one is always locked on to the steel cables. Allowing for a more secure tread across the cliff side with obstacles built in to make those easy sections way more enjoyable. These are some of the best ways to climb a cliff side in a group.

One of the best kept secrets and once illegal was the Via Ferrata in Telluride, CO. Chuck Kroger starting building the Via Ferrata more than a decade ago. He often worked alone and sometimes at night as well to install his masterpieces in the darkness. The locals kept it a secret for a while and the locals called it the Krogerata after the created that passed away in the 2007. This Via Ferrata is unlike most others as it traverses horizontally instead of the typical vertical trek. The trail is about 2 miles long and is rated a grade IV. You have stellar views of the Bridal Veil Falls and Box Canyon and breathtaking views of the city of Telluride.

The Via Ferrata in Idaho Springs was a new addition last summer to Colorado. The Iron Way: Colorado Via Ferrata is a combination of ladders, rungs, carved steps, and bridges to help moving across and up a cliff face. This adventure is an assisted guided tour where clip into cables that run alongside of the cliff. You will be required to clip in and out of the cable to move through the course. Each adventurer will have two carabiners that are attached to a bungee-style lanyard on their harness. Some awesome highlights of the Via Ferrata course are going to be that course is going to be over 300 feet off the ground which is bound to get your adrenaline pumping and by all means you’re going to enjoy the amazing view of Idaho Spring and Chicago Creek. This adventure has a minimum age of 12 and a maximum weight 250 lbs. Like ziplining you will want to wear closed toed shoes that you are comfortable hiking in and athletic pants, a water bottle, backpack and of course the sunscreen.

The newest addition to Via Ferratas is the the Granite Via Ferrata. It will have an awesome mixture of ladders, cables, rungs, bridges, and a 50 ft free-fall. You will enjoy great views of the Collegiate Peaks, The Arkansas River and Long Horn Sheep. This course is going to be over 500 feet off the ground, this tour as well will be a guided for adventurers with cliff traversing, rappelling and ziplining.

With Colorado ahead of the awesome outdoor adventure be sure to call AVA at 877-RAFTING and schedule a guided tour doing the Via Ferrata!

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