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5 Via Ferratas We Want to Try

Via Ferrata Colorado

Via Ferrata, Italian for “the iron way” is a route composed of steel rungs, rope bridges, and cliffside traversing that offers incredible views and a climbing experience that even those less experienced in climbing are sure to enjoy. The following are some of the best Via Ferratas located within North America.

Telluride Via Ferrata

The Via Ferrata located in Telluride, Colorado started as an exclusive location, but has now become more and more popular among the climbing population. Open to anyone, experienced climbers and mountaineers can travel along 1-foot wide cliff edges and hop onto iron rungs bolted in to the cliff face. For those less experienced in climbing, guided tours are possible as well. The trip takes place in the magnificent San Juan mountain range and can leave you hanging on heights up to 200 feet If you are looking for a thrill that will definitely make you watch your step, check out the awesome climb in Telluride!

Jackson Hole Via Ferrata

With some of the best reviews in Via Ferratas, Jackson Hole is a must for your next cliff side adventure. Instead of checking out the views from the gondola, try the views from ranger ridge and Casper bowl on the incredible mountaintop hike. Featuring rope bridges and much more, this guided trip is great for all skill levels. You can choose your difficulty and do trips from one and a half hours up to a full day 6-hour climb. If you find yourself near Jackson Hole, be sure to check out the incredible Via Ferrata adventure that they are offering.

Cave Peak Via Ferrata

Located near canyon point, Utah, the Cave Peak Via Ferrata offers some of the most impressive guided climbing opportunities. The natural beauty of the area is captivating when looking off the giant cliffs of Cave Peak. This guided-only tour offers rungs to climb to an incredible cliff traverse, ending in a beautiful and fulfilling summit. If you find yourself in the southwest, this will be one of the most impressive adventures that you can take part in.

Mount Ogden

While you’re down in Utah checking out Cave Peak, don’t forget to check out the Mount Ogden Via Ferrata. If you love breathtaking scenery and a physical adventure, you’re going to love Mount Ogden. This hike takes you through the incredible Utah cliffside, passing waterfalls and other natural wonders. Not only are the views amazing on this cliffside hike, but the history of how it came to be is equally impressive. The mountain man Jeff Lowe completed over 1,000 first assents and paved the way for the creation of this awesome climb. With a combination of history and incredible scenery, this is an adventure you will never forget!

Canyon Saint-Anne

If you have seen Niagara falls, then you know the power and beauty that it offers. Canyon Sainte-Anne Via Ferrata allows you to experience a waterfall of the same size while traversing on the cliffside of the natural wonder. There are three routes available, and you can experience the waterfall that is 1/3 of the size bigger than Niagara.

Ready to try out a Via Ferrata?  AVA has two locations in the beautiful state of Colorado that will keep you on your toes and life on the edge.  Call AVA Colorado Via Ferrata to book your excursion today.

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