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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Via Ferrata in Colorado

Via ferrata course with mountains in the background

Colorado is known for having outdoor activities that are sure to take your breath away, with Arkansas Valley Adventures (AVA) you are not limited to whitewater rafting, we have aerial adventures that include one-of-a-kind via ferrata. Throughout this blog, we will be talking about five things you didn’t know about via ferrata in Colorado.

A man crossing the bridge on our Via Ferrata course


Colorado makes a perfect location to do a Via Ferrata, due to the number of mountains. It is perfect for adrenaline seekers looking to enjoy time in the outdoors while pushing their limits. The location is perfect for Via Ferrata because it is similar to where it was created in the Alps between Switzerland and Italy. Traversing through mountain ranges prior to modern technology took weeks and even months to traverse.

A group of people laughing on the via ferrata course

Tour length

Colorado is home to some of the best Via Ferrata courses in the United States, our Mount Evans Via Ferrata located in Idaho Springs is located a short drive from downtown Denver or our Granite Via Ferrata near Buena Vista in which tours are anywhere from 2.5 hrs. to 3hrs. depending on the speed at which the group completes the course.

two people scaling a rock face

What to expect

Via Ferrata is a combination of rock climbing and ziplining that is sure to bring adrenaline to the forefront of any trip. On some Via Ferrata courses, there are some wire rope challenges such as ladders vaulting you toward the next platform on your journey. Some courses will test your ability to conquer a fear of heights, when completing a course, this will give you a sense of accomplishment. We recommend that any guest that has longer hair have it put up and out of the way, for safety precautions.

A person climbing up iron rings

Nearly Year -Round

Colorado has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year; We use this to our full advantage by having Via Ferratas available in the spring starting in March and ending in the fall in December (weather permitting). This allows for so many unique experiences that can be had throughout Colorado. You should always check the weather before your scheduled trip; there are instances in which the weather is sudden and delays the trip such as high winds and lightning. Safety is the main priority when doing any outdoor activity and being prepared is the best way to stay safe.

Granite Via Ferrata


You can do via ferrata courses throughout the day; enjoy the wilderness surrounding Idaho Springs and Buena Vista starting as early as 8:30am and as late 6pm at the Starlight Via Ferrata.  Take an all-day adventure and finish it by zipping into the twilight of the evening.

Next time you stay in Colorado, try and push your limits with a Via Ferrata through AVA at either Idaho Springs or Buena Vista by reserving your spots at or calling at 9704237031.

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