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5 Reasons to Try Via Ferrata Next Year

Colorado Via Ferrata

Unless you have a vacation planned to Colorado in the next week, you may have to wait until next year to try the Via Ferrata. But, that is okay, because Via Ferrata is not going anywhere. We are here to convince you that you need to get this on your to do list. The reason we care so much is because well first, we have done it and it is so fun, and second, everyone who tries it, comes back for more. It will be good for you, I promise, and if you don’t believe me, then just keep reading.

#1. Broaden Your Horizons

I’m willing to bet that you’re reading this post because you have never tried participating in a via ferrata course before, and you are absolutely not alone in that!

Cliffside Via Ferrata

Even though it is getting more popular it is still a new sport that not a ton of people know about. You can be one of the first! It has been in relatively recent times that via ferrata courses have began to gain popularity in the United States, and that is because adventurers of all sorts are loving this high exposure safe mountain traverse.

Learn more: Did that sound like a lot of words? If you need a little more context on what Via Ferrata is, then read this first and then come back.

Trust us: Whether trying new things is your thing, or you’re just looking to venture into a new activity for vacation, then trying a via ferrata course is an exceptional option for pushing yourself to do something new!

#2. Enjoy the Views from a New Perspective

The views in Colorado are breathtaking no matter if you are getting into the mountains in the Spring, Summer, Fall or even in winter conditions.

Echo Lake, High Alpine Mount Evans Lake

Disappointment is not an option: Via Ferrata courses are a wonderful way to get the blood flowing with adrenaline, but participants should be reminded to take some time to enjoy the incredible views as well! Looking out for miles, or looking down at river valleys OR looking up at the peaks is an absolutely majestic sight from the heights of via ferrata courses.

Plug: AVA’s via ferrata courses (located in Buena Vista & Idaho Springs) are typically open in the Spring-Fall months and afford all of its participants world-class views of the surrounding landscape that are not to be missed!

#3. Save Money

Now hear us out, yes going on a via ferrata adventure will be more expensive then not going on one, but if you were to choose rock climbing and even some hiking trips, you would have to purchase all of the gear that is required to do so safely. Now that is expensive.

Another great reason: By participating in an outfitter sponsored outdoor adventure like AVA’s via ferrata course (yes, another plug) you are not only provided with a guide for the activity, but also all of that expensive gear that can add up very quickly.

Trust us: You are going to love it, and you can always keep coming with us, but you may also want to get your own gear eventually. While we think that is a great idea, you should definitely try out the activity first.

#4. Meet Some Rad People

While the gear necessary for this sport can definitely be costly, an injury that can occur from trying an activity like this on your own without professional guidance can potentially be much more costly.

Your Colorado Guide

That is why you want to have some really awesome guides take you out and show you the ropes – pun intended. Last plug (maybe), AVA hires phenomenal guides who are more than capable of safely teaching you everything you need to know to get through a via ferrata course while minimizing your risk to injury.

Most importantly: they are just really cool people who want to show you a good time and learn about you and your life experiences as well as share theres. If that isn’t a good enough reason, then I don’t know what is.

Personally – This is my top reason for getting out there. It is such a great opportunity to get to know some really rad folks who typically walk a little bit different of a road in life than your average Joe.

#5. Enhance the Adrenaline Rush

Okay, back to the adventure part. Lets get that blood flowing and maybe even get those knees trembling – just a tiny bit.

It shouldn’t be a secret that Colorado tends to attract those who are particularly inclined towards adventure. Trust me when I say that participating in a via ferrata course during their Colorado vacation is an adrenaline junkie’s dream! As an avid adrenaline chaser, I will admit that I fall into the ‘nothing gives me that rush anymore’ feeling maybe a little bit too often, but even with that attitude I was beyond impressed with how much AVA’s Granite Via Ferrata course got both my adrenaline and blood pumping for the entire activity!

If you, or anyone else in your traveling party, enjoys a thrill and is planning a Spring-Autumn Colorado vacation, then you will leave sorely disappointed if you miss out on trying out a via ferrata course while you’re here!

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