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The Unexpected Joys that come from a Via Ferrata Trip in Colorado

person standing with one leg off mountain cliff

By: Jessica Jeziorski

What’s the deal with the Via Ferrata?

You may have heard the phrase Via- Ferrata and thought to yourself … what the heck is that? Well, let us tell you what a Via-ferrata is and why you should be on one this summer.

Via Ferrata Colorado

Via Ferrata’s are a very versatile part of history! These master piece’s date back all the way to the nineteenth Century, yeah that long ago! Via Ferrata’s originated from farmers reaching high pastures located in the Alps, who knew! Later the military picked up this approach to help soldiers scale the cliff sides. Being that they weren’t masters in the climbing trade they created routes to get over the mountain’s peeks using iron bars and rods to help aid in war. Combining the original farmers technique with the military use of Iron rods created one of the most amazing outdoor aerial adventures to date.

All around the world you can find these man-made pathways to cross new heights.

  • The Dolomites via ferrata, Italy
  • Chang Kong via ferrata, China
  • La Via des Evettes, France
  • Sacred Valley via ferrata, Peru

The list is just a touch on some of the best Iron paths in the world!

Let’s dive into the mecca of via ferrata’s which is Colorado!

Mount Evans Via Ferrata

Location: Super close to Denver we have the famous Idaho Springs Via Ferrata. Just over a thirty minutes ride and you can find yourself in the sky’s with smiles! This grand adventure is located at 435 Chicago Creek Drive.

Includes: The biggest height of this trip is the 70-foot rappel and the 50-foot Free fall. You have not lived until you step off the suspension bridge at 50 feet. Once you’ve concord dropping from these huge heights though comes the true fun, Zipping! Three Ziplines sore you through the trees and over creeks to the back of the outpost. This is a full adventure of rock climbing, free-falling, zipping fun with a few jokes from your guide this trip really is the complete package!

Granite Via Ferrata

Location: Should you wish to go a little deeper into the Rookie mountains you’ll find the jewel of a town known as Buena Vista. This Via Ferrata is located at 40671 US-24 in the heart of the Collegiate Peaks.

Includes: Not only is this range home to this ferrata but the highest mountain in the state, Mount Elbert. This Range’s heights make this ferrata in a league of its own. The entire time you are traversing this cliff side at 70 feet in the air. This adventure is for those really looking to spice up their time here in Colorado!

The nitty-gritty details

There are a couple things to keep in mind before getting strapped and geared.

  • You must have closed toed shoes, as you are in the wilderness.
  • You will be doing zip-lines at both locations so all guest must be above 40 lbs. and under 250.
  • You will be in harnesses the entire time and may wish to wear longer shorts as this tends to be more comfortable.
  • You can wear and small pack for water as this is the best place for this to not be in the way of your adventure.
Via Ferrata Colorado

Now that you know where the Ferrate came from and why you should get on it what’s stopping you click the link get out there!! Book your trip now!

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